Logo BBS WilhelmshavenBBS Wilhelmshaven is a public vocational education centre located at the Jade Bay in north western Germany with approximately 2700 students in the following areas: business, administration and services, technology (metal vehical and electrical engineering), IT, construction, catering, social and elderly care.

Since 2016/2017 the former “BBS1 Wilhelmshaven” and “BBS Friedenstraße” officially do not exist anymore and have merged into “BBS Wilhelmshaven”. The school works in close cooperation with the regional industry, employs about 190 teachers and has well-established contacts with regional companies. Those companies provide apprenticeships within the German ‘Dual System’ of initial vocational training and practical placements for students within full-time school-based programmes in IVET. Full-time higher academic programmes with vocational focus that provide the necessary general entrance qualifications for university and university of applied science are also offered. 

In 2014  the former BBS1 has been awarded with the certificate “Europaschule in Niedersachsen”. After applying and going through the recertification procedure again in 2019, we have been awarded once more with the certificate “Europaschule in Niedersachsen” in June 2019, as to be seen on our website. 

Additionally, we have received the “ERASMUS+ VET Charter” in 2019

An overview on our international activities – 
especially since 2017 – is also available on our website.

We have received die ERASMUS+ VET Charter accredition in 2019


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